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National governments have always been linked in some way to their countries’ gambling industries – be it as enforcers of the strict banishment of all forms of gaming or as trusted sanctioning or even organising bodies. This latter approach of the powers that be to games of chance most often takes the form of a lotto national lottery.

In fact, the earliest lottery games on record, dating back to Ancient China, were used by the Han Dynasty to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Similarly, the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar used the profits from lotteries to fund repairs to the city of Rome.

And now, centuries later, the popularity of the lotto national lottery shows no signs of waning, with over 70 major national lotteries currently in operation worldwide. So what accounts for this continued success of lotto national lottery competitions?

Lotto National Lottery and the Law

In many countries, such as the US in the 1900s, illegal lotteries thrived on stealing vast amounts of money from unsuspecting citizens until the government stepped in to enforce control. Sometimes, this simply involved stronger regulation of fair and legal play but, not infrequently, the response was to completely ban all forms of the game. But this, much like prohibition in the 20s, proved largely unsuccessful, as dodgy operators were left completely to their own devices underground.

A far more effective solution, it was found, was for governments to take matters into their own hands by, themselves, taking on the role of lottery coordinators. Although this measure has not left the industry entirely scandal-free, it has placed responsibility for lotto national lottery competitions in the hands of a more publically visible and accountable entity. In short, many people exclusively play the lotto national lottery because they trust their governments more than they trust private corporations.

National Lotteries, Charities and Taxes

Another incentive for national governments to get involved in lottery competitions is the possibility to increase government revenues. From the Great Wall of China, through the reigns of Francis I of France and Elizabeth I of England, and into the present day, generating funds via lotto national lottery games has often been used as an alternative to increased taxation.

Some lotto national lottery prize winnings, however, are not subject to taxation at all – an incentive for players to participate. Examples of countries where this is the practice include New Zealand, Lichtenstein, parts of online casinos Canada, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and certain states in the USA, among others.

Lotto national lottery competitions have also been known to take on the role of charity fundraisers in many countries. In the United Kingdom, for example, the lotto national lottery has raised in excess of £32 billion for charities and good causes over the past two decades.

Notable Lotto National Lottery Games

Although, strictly speaking, it is a multi-state competition and not a lotto national lottery, the US’s MegaMillions holds the world record for the largest ever lottery jackpot of US$656 million, whilst PowerBall US has awarded the largest jackpot in history to a single winner – a whopping US$590.5 million.

Meanwhile, Europe’s transnational EuroMillions holds the European record of an awesome €185 million. The China Welfare Lottery, Mega-Sena and Oz Lotto hold the lotto national lottery jackpot records for Asia, South America and Australia, respectively.