Novomatic Acquires Lotto Provider Betware

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At the moment, international gaming company, Novomatic is the name to watch in the global gaming industry, as it continues a string of buy-ups and buy-outs across Europe. And the latest news is that Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware Holding, the widely recognised market leader in online lottery platforms.

The Lowdown on the Novomatic-Betware Deal

With this deal, Novo Lottery Solutions, a subsidiary of Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware, with a 90% stake in the company. The remaining 10% will remain with Betware Holding management.

The objective, as Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware, is for the larger, more experienced company to gain unrestricted access to the niche lottery market currently dominated by Betware. As yet, Novomatic’s reach into this market remains limited but, now that Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware, this all looks set to change in the very near future.

More about Betware Holding

Originally launched in 1998, Icelandic company, Betware Holding has grown from being the purveyor of a single product – Icelandic Soccer Pools – into one of the most highly regarded brands in the online lotto market. This is owed largely to the cutting-edge technology behind its offerings. The extent of this stronghold is evidenced by the fact that Betware Holding is the fore running partner in almost all of Iceland’s corporate and national lotteries. This is why the company is held in such high esteem and clearly explains why Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware.

The Verdict from Betware

The mood within the latter company, as Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware, is expressed enthusiastically by Betware Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Hrafnkelsson: “We are very excited and are looking forward to joining the Novomatic Group and jointly contributing industry experience, talent and expertise. We are confident that this transaction will create new value in the lottery market, linking together the strength of Novomatic with Betware’s innovative lottery solutions. I strongly believe that, together, we will become the market leader within the lottery segment”.

What Novomatic has to Say

Meanwhile, back at Novomatic Head Quarters, Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Thomas Graf is equally excited about the fact to announce that Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware: “Our acquisition of Betware has been a logical step to further enhancing our competency in electronic and video lottery technologies. With our combined resources, know-how and industry expertise, we will be able to offer any lottery operator a 360-degree solution for all distribution channels, including online totes betting, mobile and land based. I am convinced that, with Stefan Hrafnkelsson’s experienced and dedicated management team, we will fully leverage our potential and surprise the industry”

Graf adds that “Betware’s open platform architecture is second to none, providing tailor made solutions to any small or large scale lottery operation. It seamlessly integrates a complete range of product verticals including those of third-party vendors”.

More about Novomatic

Founded in 1980 by Austrian billionaire, Johann Graf, Novomatic is a multi-national gaming company with offices in 43 countries. The Novomatic Group operates in 205 sportsbetting outlets (via its subsidiary, Admiral) and has over 232 000 gaming machines in land-based and electronic casinos worldwide. The brand also has an online presence, with popular game titles including Book of Ra, Dolphin’s Pearl, Sizzling Hot, and Lucky Lady’s Charm. And now, as Novomatic acquires lotto provider Betware, the company is on its way to becoming a major force in the online lottery market as well.

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Online Fruity Spins and Wins Machines

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Fruit machines are quintessentially British amusements, and form an important part of the country’s popular culture. Now there are great online fruit machines that allow you to enjoy the games wherever you are in the world. These games involve more skill than certain other Slots games do, but still deliver immediate thrills, so they’re perfect for the savvy and sophisticated player of today.

The History of Fruit Machines

Slots machines had already been popular all over the world for some time when, in the 1960s, British lawmakers stipulated that games had to involve an element of skill if prizes were to be won. The Fruit Machines that met this requirement were introduced, with the very first machines awarding cigarettes, drinks and other prizes rather than money, and their popularity has been growing steadily ever since.

Online Fruit Machines were introduced in 2007 and have gained a considerable following. More and more people are discovering how enjoyable and rewarding they can be, with higher payouts than land-based machines, and new games are often rolled out to keep things fresh and exciting.

Features of Fruit Machines

Most fruit machines have three reels, each with a range of numbers and symbols. Originally these were almost all fruit, but they’ve expanded to include many other brightly coloured icons such as hearts and diamonds. The reels are spun with the aim of lining three identical symbols up along the middle display.

The skill involved in Fruit Machines involves successfully using the Hold and Nudge features. The Hold allows you to hold symbols in place as you spin the rest of the reels and try to find a match. The Nudge lets you move the reels up and down by one position to create a winning combination, and is not as commonly found. You’ll also often see a Repeat feature, where you have the chance to repeat features or wins by successfully clicking a button as it flashes Yes rather than No.

Bonus Trails are also often featured, and are essentially randomly triggered bonus rounds within a Canadian casino games. You make your way along the board and can win great prizes, including cash, multiplied winnings and Free Nudges, Spins and Holds. Your wins will be displayed on screen in a Cash Pot. You might also be lucky enough to land on a Gamble Feature, where you can gamble your current winnings by predicting the outcome of an event such as which suite a card will be or which number from 1 to 12 will come up.

Onwards and Upwards

Online Fruit Machines are really the best of every world. You can enjoy all the action you always have, but with higher payouts. You can also refine the skill they require at no financial risk to yourself, thanks to the no-deposit Free Games mode that most reputable casinos allow. It’s no wonder that more and more British citizens are playing online games rather than popping down to their local pub, and fellow enthusiasts around the world can do the same just as easily. The future for these online games looks very bright!