Alpha Cup Hosted In A Beautiful Little Town Of Queensland

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Alpha is a small quiet frontier town situated in western Queensland, serving the surrounding rural area which is known as one of the richest cattle raising areas in the state. Alpha is known as the “Gateway to the West”, as it is a stopover point for people wishing to explore the vastness of the state. The sleepy little town is located a thousand kilometres from Brisbane.

Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, and when the first Europeans in the region arrived in 1863, they set up a station that they named Alpha Station. The town grew from that station, the name was approved, and the town became Alpha too. In 1991 a group of local artists painted a wall mural, and started a trend. Today many of the walls of the town’s buildings are adorned by colourful murals. Another peculiarity of Alpha is the fact that all its streets are named after poets, and the main street is Shakespeare Street.

Seven Races Run at the Annual Race Meeting

The Alpha Jockey Club holds a race meeting in June each year, during which seven races are run. The premier race of the meeting is the popular Alpha Community Cup. The handicap race has no age restrictions on the horses, no sex restrictions and no class restrictions. The prize money is 20,000 dollars. The horses run over a distance of 1700 metres.

The race this year drew a crowd of over 2000, whereas when the Alpha Jockey Club held the first Alpha Cup race meeting in 2002 only 40 people turned up. The Jockey Club is now looking forward to planning race meeting to take place every year. The Alpha Cup will attract many good racers from all over Queensland, and also a great number of the citizens of the town to enjoy the many festivities that are being planned. The Alpha Cup race day provides the community with a memorable social occasion, with many competitions for fashion and family fun.

Big Horse Races now Global Sports Events

The Greeks turned horses into racing animals about 3500 years ago beginning with chariot races, and later moving on to races with riders. The “sport of kings” has been popular ever since. It was only in the seventeenth century, however, that racecourses similar to the ones we are familiar with today, were established. Horse racing today is an integral part of global sports events, and takes place in most countries of the world. Many of today’s famous races are household names, like the Melbourne Cup in Australia.

There are many different kinds of horse races. There are maiden races, handicap races and stakes races, which are run by the better horses and have the biggest purses. Betting on these races can be done at the event itself, at a betting shop or even at a casino, but the most popular method these days is betting online. AFL Grand Final betting is the easiest and simplest way of placing a bet as all that is needed is a computer or smart phone, and betting sites are now so convenient and easy to access. One of the reasons that online betting has become so successful, is the fact that reputable sports books are now safe and secure, and offer excellent customer services.

Find Out Lotto National Lottery Competitions

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National governments have always been linked in some way to their countries’ gambling industries – be it as enforcers of the strict banishment of all forms of gaming or as trusted sanctioning or even organising bodies. This latter approach of the powers that be to games of chance most often takes the form of a lotto national lottery.

In fact, the earliest lottery games on record, dating back to Ancient China, were used by the Han Dynasty to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Similarly, the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar used the profits from lotteries to fund repairs to the city of Rome.

And now, centuries later, the popularity of the lotto national lottery shows no signs of waning, with over 70 major national lotteries currently in operation worldwide. So what accounts for this continued success of lotto national lottery competitions?

Lotto National Lottery and the Law

In many countries, such as the US in the 1900s, illegal lotteries thrived on stealing vast amounts of money from unsuspecting citizens until the government stepped in to enforce control. Sometimes, this simply involved stronger regulation of fair and legal play but, not infrequently, the response was to completely ban all forms of the game. But this, much like prohibition in the 20s, proved largely unsuccessful, as dodgy operators were left completely to their own devices underground.

A far more effective solution, it was found, was for governments to take matters into their own hands by, themselves, taking on the role of lottery coordinators. Although this measure has not left the industry entirely scandal-free, it has placed responsibility for lotto national lottery competitions in the hands of a more publically visible and accountable entity. In short, many people exclusively play the lotto national lottery because they trust their governments more than they trust private corporations.

National Lotteries, Charities and Taxes

Another incentive for national governments to get involved in lottery competitions is the possibility to increase government revenues. From the Great Wall of China, through the reigns of Francis I of France and Elizabeth I of England, and into the present day, generating funds via lotto national lottery games has often been used as an alternative to increased taxation.

Some lotto national lottery prize winnings, however, are not subject to taxation at all – an incentive for players to participate. Examples of countries where this is the practice include New Zealand, Lichtenstein, parts of online casinos Canada, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and certain states in the USA, among others.

Lotto national lottery competitions have also been known to take on the role of charity fundraisers in many countries. In the United Kingdom, for example, the lotto national lottery has raised in excess of £32 billion for charities and good causes over the past two decades.

Notable Lotto National Lottery Games

Although, strictly speaking, it is a multi-state competition and not a lotto national lottery, the US’s MegaMillions holds the world record for the largest ever lottery jackpot of US$656 million, whilst PowerBall US has awarded the largest jackpot in history to a single winner – a whopping US$590.5 million.

Meanwhile, Europe’s transnational EuroMillions holds the European record of an awesome €185 million. The China Welfare Lottery, Mega-Sena and Oz Lotto hold the lotto national lottery jackpot records for Asia, South America and Australia, respectively.

Successfully Applying NRL 2016 Betting Odds

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The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is renowned for delivering high-calibre games and keeping the sport clean. Many patriots simply watch and enjoy the game, but there are plenty who enjoy putting money down on them as well. This requires analysis and understanding of several factors, and as punters become more experienced their appreciation for the beloved game should actually grow. One of the things that can really influence a payout is the odds on the game, and the NRL 2016 betting odds are no exception. To find out more about applying them and about wagering in general, read on below.

Some Basic Starting Pointers

As with all their games, there will be NRL 2016 betting odds on teams winning away, winning a home game, or drawing a match. The odds will fluctuate through the season, depending on player and team performance, injuries and several other factors, so punters need to pay careful attention to them. There are 2 basic things that can improve the chances of getting the best deal possible: to back a team early to get the most favourable odds and, if betting online, to open accounts at several reputable sites. This will allow bettors to look around and take advantage of the best odds on any given day.

The Best NRL 2016 Betting Odds

There are several wagers that can be made on NRL games, and some offer better odds than others. The more punters progress along their journey and develop their own strategies, the more they will know which ones work best for them and they should try to make a lot of those bets whether they offer the very best odds or not. In the beginning, however, it is definitely worth sticking to the wagers with the most understood odds and these are detailed here.

  • The simplest punts are head-to-head bets, where bettors just need to say which team they think will win. These usually take golden point results and extra time into consideration, and these NRL betting odds will be set according to bookies’ own opinions, and what they thing public opinion is. Understanding them is as much a psychological exercise as anything else, and definitely gets easier over time.
  • Bookies usually get very creative with margin bets, which require punters to put money on the leading team’s margin at quarter, half or full time. This is usually quite tricky to do, and the NRL 2016 betting odds for these wagers should be quite long. If bettors manage to get reliable information about the margins, however, these can be incredibly rewarding.
  • For more advanced wagering, there are several exotic bets that require very specific predictions, such as which player will score the first try in a game. These can come as single bets, or as double or multi bets, which involve more than 1 event (also called a leg). In these multis and doubles, all predictions must come true to trigger a payout. For example, in a halftime/fulltime bet, punters need to say which team will be in the lead at half- and fulltime, and must be right in both cases to win money.

More NRL Betting Options

It’s also possible to place Futures bets on later events, such as punting on who will take the premiership at the beginning of the season. For those who really want to understand players and the NRL 2016 eSports betting Australia odds before things kick off, building a fantasy league can be very helpful as well. This can provide entertainment and deeper insights.

Know How People Starting AFL 2016 Betting Odds

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For almost every Australian, the Australian Football League (or AFL) is a special source of national pride. The Australian Rules football events are among the most watched and attended throughout the country, and the most wagered on as well. Both novice and advanced punters will enjoy the AFL specials that the country’s top bookmakers have on offer, and everyone should check the AFL 2016 betting odds carefully before putting any money down.

A Few Basic Pointers

It’s always a good idea to check out and register with a few sportsbooks, which is especially easy if punting online, to make sure to take advantage of the best AFL 2016 betting odds possible on any given day. Because online sites are in such heavy competition with each other they should have great AFL 2016 betting odds and bonus promotions to swell betting accounts even more, and taking the time to check out the best options is very strongly advised. For land-based punters this could be a little more difficult, but they should still try to check out as many local betting shops as they can before they decide where they want to bet.

If bettors are using online sites, they should make sure they work for them in practical ways, such as having customer support teams that are available at times when they are likely to need them and via suitable communication channels. Banking options should also be easy and secure, so that visitors can focus on the wagers they are making.

Beginning punters might wish to start with simple bets on the results of a specific match or of the entire tournament. The NRL betting odds and ladder, as well as any specific game tips, should be checked with different trusted sources and even online chatrooms, to decide which teams to back. As punters become more experienced and familiar with different teams, they will get to know individual players more and can place wagers on their performances and decide how much money to put down based on a specific team line-up.

More complicated wagers should also be considered as punters become more confident, such as bringing all wagers together on 1 ticket in a multiple bet. This has much greater reward because all odds are multiplied together in the payouts, but much greater risk as well because every bet has to win before anything is paid out at all.  When bettors know what they are doing, they can weigh up the odds of each situation and use multiple tickets if they feel sure of their picks. This should happen quite naturally as they check out all the information on AFL 2016 betting odds, player performances and recent team history.

Keeping a Clear Head

It is also worth noting and remembering that, because Australians are passionate and loyal, they often develop sentimental attachments to specific AFL teams. While rooting for a favourite is not a problem, betting on them when they are likely to lose is. Punters should stay mindful of this and check out the AFL 2016 betting odds and other factors mentioned above, from sites and guides that they feel they can trust, and place their bets according to what they say.

The History of Online Sports Betting

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Sports betting is a form of wagering that has been practiced since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the case of online betting, sports betting involves bets placed online or via mobile on a wide range of popular global sports, including favourites such as football, basketball, horse racing, tennis, golf and hockey, among many others.

Each sports game is accompanied by a variety of different bet options, each with its own unique set of odds determining both the player’s and bookmaker’s edge in each game. Sportsbetting, and indeed online betting, allows punters the chance to claim real money returns on their bets while closely following their favourite sports teams and games in the hopes of a win in their favour.

Convenient and Simple Online Betting

When it comes to online betting, punters can enjoy every benefit of traditional sportsbetting from a convenient online betting platform. Online betting sites provide punters with the opportunity to wager on their favourite sports straight from their internet-enabled devices: most laptops, personal computers, tablets and even smartphones will support online betting sites and facilities, allowing for a truly mobile gambling experience.

This is an ideal solution for betters who find it challenging to make time amid their busy schedules to enjoy the exhilaration of placing a bet on a team or game of their choice, and allows betters to access the best online betting opportunities 24 hours a day, anywhere across the globe, during work, travel or even vacation – the possibilities are unlimited.

The Basics of Online Betting

There are many various types of bets that can be placed when partaking in online betting. Three of the most commonplace are the ‘money line’ bet, the ‘over/under’ bet and the ‘spread’ or ‘point spread’ bet. Each bet presents its own unique rules and winnings odds, giving punters a unique winning chance with every bet placed.

Money line bets are widely considered to be the most simple and straightforward bet type. Punters placing a money line bet simply place their bet by choosing the team they believe is most likely to win the game in question or the horse when looking at Melbourne Cup betting.

An over/under bet is marginally more complex. This wager type entails punters betting on whether the combined score of both teams participating in a certain game will exceed or fall below a certain figure.

Lastly, a spread, or point spread, bet involves a bookmaker assigning a point value separating the two teams participating in a given game. Punters’ pay-outs are based on the accuracy of their bets; simply put, the spread is a specified range of outcomes and a player’s bet is placed on whether the outcome will exceed or fall below the spread.

Online Betting Bonus Offers

Aside from wide coverage of the best sports worldwide, generous selections of available betting markets and equally generous betting opportunities, the best online betting sites also provide their punters with a selection of enticing bonus offers and promotions.

Among these mobile sports betting offers are substantial welcome and deposit bonuses, awarded to betters upon their registration of an online betting account and on their first cash deposit into the account in question, respectively. These bonuses are designed to reward online betters for their play, allowing them the chance to claim big real money returns at no cost to them and encouraging them to play with the best online betting sites when deciding to access premium gambling fun right at their fingertips.