Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings Online Slots

A majestic eagle in flight is the animated clip that sets the stage for Eagles Wings, a five reel, 25 payline online slots game. This Microgaming title features all the action of slot reels, and much more besides.

Among this game’s special features are scatter and stacked wild symbols, a free spins bonus round, and an autoplay feature. It also boasts animated clips and reel symbols.

Symbols on the Reels

Strongly focused on the eagle and the salmon, both powerful creatures in their own right, the nature-themed Eagles Wings also hints at Native American culture.

This is especially evident on the reels of this online slots game, where the symbols portray an eagle in flight, a perched eagle, an eagle’s nest, a salmon, a coin depicting eagles and salmon, the game logo, and high value playing card symbols.

Eagles Wings Wild Symbol

The Eagles Wings game logo reel symbol is this online slot’s wild symbol. The logo can act as a substitute for all other symbols except the coin scatter symbol.

This means the wild symbol can help complete winning combinations and even double those payouts. Also, this is a stacked wild symbol on reels two and three, so three or more of these symbols appearing on those reels could boost payouts.

Eagles Wings Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in Eagles Wings online slots is the coin. If three or more of these appear on the reels, they will unlock the game’s free spins bonus round.

Before this round begins, however, players need to choose a coin to discover how many free spins they will receive. This round could see players playing with as many as 60 free spins, along with a 3x multiplier on winnings made in this round. If more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the free spins bonus round could be re-activated.

Autoplay for Eagles Wings

A feature found in Eagles Wings online slots that is not explicitly linked to this title is the Autoplay feature. This feature allows players to determine how the game should play itself.

Among the settings that players can change are the number of spins, the time between spins, as well as various settings that control when the game stops playing itself, such as after a win, or if credits decrease or increase to a certain amount.

Players do not need to wait for an Autoplay session to play itself out. If they wish to resume control of the game, all they need to do is turn off the feature.

Additional Control Features

In addition to the regular bet options, Spin button, and Autoplay feature, Eagles Wings also has Quick Spin and Bet Max features.

The Quick Spin feature decreases the number of times the reels spin, so rounds are played faster. The Bet Max button is an easy way for players to place this online slots game’s maximum bet and activate all paylines.

Visuals and Sound

Eagles Wings is a graphics-rich video slot that boasts not only superb graphics, but mesmerising animated clips, the first of which is the opening clip of an eagle soaring over the countryside.

Other animations in the game include salmon leaping out of water, and an eagle catching salmon from a lake. The game is played against a backdrop of a snowy peak, and its focus on nature is further enhanced by a soothing soundtrack and sounds of the wild.

Bust The Bank

Bust the Bank Online Slots

A Microgaming bank robbery-themed online slots game, Bust the Bank features five reels, 243 ways to win, bonus games, free spins, and wild and scatter symbols.

The game puts a light-hearted spin on the theme, making it more action-comedy than gut-wrenching thriller.  Unlike many games of a similar theme, this one does not focus solely on the thieves or on the forces of justice. Instead, it brings in characters from both sides, making for a well-rounded bank heist video slot.

Bust the Bank Reel Symbols

The Bust the Bank online slots reels include the two thieves Larry and Bob, a policewoman, a policeman, an alarm clock, an armoured car, a police dog, a bomb with a skull and crossbones, a safe, a piggy bank, and the game logo.

The green-capped thief is the highest paying of these symbols, while the bomb is the game’s scatter symbol, and the game logo is the wild symbol.

Other well-paying reel symbols include the second thief and the two police officers. The rest of the symbols, with the exception of the wild and scatter symbols, have lower values.

Scatter and Wild Symbols to Bust the Bank

The bomb scatter symbol offers wins when it lands on the reels in number, and it can trigger one of Bust the Bank online slot’s bonus games.

If three scatter symbols appear on the reels, they bring a payout of 60 credits, while four scatters bring a payout of 300 credits, and five scatters bring a payout of 1500 credits. Three or more of these symbols appearing on the reels will also unlock the free spins bonus feature.

During this round, players receive eight free spins. They can receive another free spin if Bust the Bank’s scatter symbol appears on the reels again. The first and fifth reels are wild during the free spins game, and wins from this game will be multiplied by the amount bet by the player.

The game logo wild symbol, which will help complete winning combinations by substituting for the other symbols, with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbols.

Two Bonus Rounds

Bust the Bank features not one, but two bonus rounds, which are triggered by two different reel symbols.

The Piggy Bank Bonus will be triggered when the piggy bank symbol appears anywhere on the third reel. To receive the bonus, players need to click the reel symbol.

The Safe Bonus will be triggered when the safe symbol appears on the first or fifth reels. The safe will change all the reel symbols below it into money prizes of the same value. This bonus round could mean up to six wins on one spin of the reels.

Look and Feel

Bust the Bank is played against a backdrop of a steel safe panel, with the colourful, cartoon-like imagery reserved for the reel symbols.

The Henry Mancini-inspired soundtrack further adds some tongue in cheek humour to this online slots game. The interface is clearly marked and well laid out for ease of play across a variety of platforms.

5 Knights

5 Knights Online Slots

Set in the days of castles, damsels in distress, and questing knights, 5 Knights puts a Round Table twist on classic casino gameplay.

In addition to the reels that are central to the game, this online slots game from NextGen Gaming also boasts the software developer’s unique Slide A Wild feature, as well as a scatter symbol that triggers the Free Spins round.

Sights and Sounds

The events of 5 Knights online slots game play out under grey skies, at a castle in the hill country. The reels are found in the very walls of the castle.

The game’s vivid graphics and excellent animations are underscored by a sweeping soundtrack that evokes chivalric action and courtly drama.

Crowning these is an interface that is easy to play on, thanks to clear, basic controls, as well as other settings options.

Right Royal Reel Symbols

The symbols players will find on the reels of 5 Knights online slots include a knight, a maiden, a castle, a shield, weapons, a gauntlet, and playing card symbols nine, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Of these, the playing card symbols have the lower values, while the shield is the wild symbol, and the castle is the scatter symbol. Some of these 5 Knights symbols become animated when they form winning combinations or activate features.

Slide a Wild Shield

Adding a unique dimension to 5 Knights is NextGen Gaming’s Slide A Wild feature. This is found at the reels, and is used to allocate enhanced wild payouts to a particular reel.

The wild is also a stacked wild, which means it fills all positions when it forms a winning combination. This means that, if a wild shield symbol appears on that reel in a winning combination, the payout will receive a multiplier. Reel one wins would receive a 2x multiplier, reel two 3x, reel three 4x, reel four 5x, reel five 6x.

Three Scatters for Free Spins

The Free Spins feature in 5 Knights will be unlocked when three or more castle scatter symbols appear on the reels. The round begins with 15 free spins, during which time the free spins round could be re-activated.

All wins made during the Free Spins round receive a 2x multiplier. The Slide A Wild feature also applies to this round.  The scatter symbol also pays 100x the total bet if five of them appear on the reels.

AutoPlay Online Slots

The 5 Knights online slots AutoPlay option lets players set the parameters of how the game plays itself when players switch on the feature.

These settings include how many times the reels spin, the number of seconds between spins, and various stop settings as well. The feature can be stopped at any time manually as well.

5 Knights Bet Options

With nine bet options and 25 payline options, 5 Knights online slots allows for small to large bets. These are placed by selecting the relevant bet option, and then selecting the Spin button to spin the reels.

The Bet Max button allows players to place the maximum bet in one fell swoop.

Online Betting

The History of Sportsbetting

Sportsbetting is a form of wagering that has been practiced since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the case of online betting, sportsbetting involves bets placed online or via mobile on a wide range of popular global sports, including favourites such as football, basketball, horse racing, tennis, golf and hockey, among many others.

Each sports game is accompanied by a variety of different bet options, each with its own unique set of odds determining both the player’s and bookmaker’s edge in each game. Sportsbetting, and indeed online betting, allows punters the chance to claim real money returns on their bets while closely following their favourite sports teams and games in the hopes of a win in their favour.

Convenient and Simple Online Betting

When it comes to online betting, punters can enjoy every benefit of traditional sportsbetting from a convenient online betting platform. Online betting sites provide punters with the opportunity to wager on their favourite sports straight from their internet-enabled devices: most laptops, personal computers, tablets and even smartphones will support online betting sites and facilities, allowing for a truly mobile gambling experience.

This is an ideal solution for betters who find it challenging to make time amid their busy schedules to enjoy the exhilaration of placing a bet on a team or game of their choice, and allows betters to access the best online betting opportunities 24 hours a day, anywhere across the globe, during work, travel or even vacation – the possibilities are unlimited.

The Basics of Online Betting

There are many various types of bets that can be placed when partaking in online betting. Three of the most commonplace are the ‘money line’ bet, the ‘over/under’ bet and the ‘spread’ or ‘point spread’ bet. Each bet presents its own unique rules and winnings odds, giving punters a unique winning chance with every bet placed.

Money line bets are widely considered to be the most simple and straightforward bet type. Punters placing a money line bet simply place their bet by choosing the team they believe is most likely to win the game in question or the horse when looking at Melbourne Cup betting.

An over/under bet is marginally more complex. This wager type entails punters betting on whether the combined score of both teams participating in a certain game will exceed or fall below a certain figure.

Lastly, a spread, or point spread, bet involves a bookmaker assigning a point value separating the two teams participating in a given game. Punters’ pay-outs are based on the accuracy of their bets; simply put, the spread is a specified range of outcomes and a player’s bet is placed on whether the outcome will exceed or fall below the spread.

Online Betting Bonus Offers

Aside from wide coverage of the best sports worldwide, generous selections of available betting markets and equally generous betting opportunities, the best online betting sites also provide their punters with a selection of enticing bonus offers and promotions.

Among these mobile sports betting offers are substantial welcome and deposit bonuses, awarded to betters upon their registration of an online betting account and on their first cash deposit into the account in question, respectively. These bonuses are designed to reward online betters for their play, allowing them the chance to claim big real money returns at no cost to them and encouraging them to play with the best online betting sites when deciding to access premium gambling fun right at their fingertips.


online fruit machines

Fruity Spins and Wins

Fruit machines are quintessentially British amusements, and form an important part of the country’s popular culture. Now there are great online fruit machines that allow you to enjoy the games wherever you are in the world. These games involve more skill than certain other Slots games do, but still deliver immediate thrills, so they’re perfect for the savvy and sophisticated player of today.

The History of Fruit Machines

Slots machines had already been popular all over the world for some time when, in the 1960s, British lawmakers stipulated that games had to involve an element of skill if prizes were to be won. The Fruit Machines that met this requirement were introduced, with the very first machines awarding cigarettes, drinks and other prizes rather than money, and their popularity has been growing steadily ever since.

Online Fruit Machines were introduced in 2007 and have gained a considerable following. More and more people are discovering how enjoyable and rewarding they can be, with higher payouts than land-based machines, and new games are often rolled out to keep things fresh and exciting.

Features of Fruit Machines

Most fruit machines have three reels, each with a range of numbers and symbols. Originally these were almost all fruit, but they’ve expanded to include many other brightly coloured icons such as hearts and diamonds. The reels are spun with the aim of lining three identical symbols up along the middle display.

The skill involved in Fruit Machines involves successfully using the Hold and Nudge features. The Hold allows you to hold symbols in place as you spin the rest of the reels and try to find a match. The Nudge lets you move the reels up and down by one position to create a winning combination, and is not as commonly found. You’ll also often see a Repeat feature, where you have the chance to repeat features or wins by successfully clicking a button as it flashes Yes rather than No.

Bonus Trails are also often featured, and are essentially randomly triggered bonus rounds within a game. You make your way along the board and can win great prizes, including cash, multiplied winnings and Free Nudges, Spins and Holds. Your wins will be displayed on screen in a Cash Pot. You might also be lucky enough to land on a Gamble Feature, where you can gamble your current winnings by predicting the outcome of an event such as which suite a card will be or which number from 1 to 12 will come up.

Onwards and Upwards

Online Fruit Machines are really the best of every world. You can enjoy all the action you always have, but with higher payouts. You can also refine the skill they require at no financial risk to yourself, thanks to the no-deposit Free Games mode that most reputable casinos allow. It’s no wonder that more and more British citizens are playing online games rather than popping down to their local pub, and fellow enthusiasts around the world can do the same just as easily. The future for these online games looks very bright!

Online CA slots

Give Online CA Slots a Whirl

If you haven’t discovered all the pleasures of playing online Slots games in Canada, now’s the time! Since they were first introduced they’ve been a great way to access reel action when you can’t get to land-based casinos, but the graphics and capabilities of today make them more immersive and engaging than ever.

You also have much more choice than would ever be possible in a land-based casino, and don’t have to deal with crowds, clogged machines or queues. Being able to play whenever you want to allows the games to be integrated into your daily life, so you never miss a beat in either arena. With mobile technology this luxurious convenience is taken to an even higher level, and every supermarket queue and work commute is now the perfect playing opportunity. You can even set games to AutoPlay so that you can keep winning while you carry on with other things!

All about Online Slots

Slots games involve spinning separate reels, and getting paid out if the symbols on them line up in specific combinations. These are called paylines, and when they occur you’ll be paid out a large multiple of whatever you bet. They are often dependent on chance, except for Fruit Machines which allow for some skilled control of the reels to create winning combinations. These and the original three-reel machines are the oldest game variations, and are still very popular. Newer games offer several reels and more paylines.

Video Slots (so named because they also don’t involve physical reels in their land-based form) are another later development and involve intricate storylines that develop as you play. They feature exciting bonuses and these, along with the icons on the reels and all sounds and other graphics, are based on their central theme to really transport you to another world. The other popular type of online CA slots game, which can’t be played offline, is the Progressive Jackpot. Here, several games are linked together and all contribute to one pot, so that the sums paid out are much larger than anything that just one could offer.

Free Fun and Real Money Wins

Before you play for real money, it’s a good idea to try the games out in the Free Play mode. You’ll find the ones you like, and if you’re trying the skills-based Fruit Machines you’ll have a chance to hone your technique. When you do play for real money, start with small amounts to get a feeling for how lucrative the full game version is – bonus rounds are often not revealed when you’re playing for free.

Speaking of bonuses, most respectable online Canadian casinos offer generous promotions to keep you interested and away from the competition, and these can really boost your bankroll and increase your winning potential. Look for generous general bonuses that suit your playing style, such as High Roller Bonuses if you often make large deposits, and for offers exclusive to Slots platers.

It’s generally suggested that you play in as high a denomination as you can, because this will better your odds. You should also try to always decide what you will spend in one session – and resist the temptation to go over this budget!

Top Class Slots Action in Canada

The more you play and get familiar with online CA slots, the more you’ll know what works for you and the more you’ll win, so the more you’ll want to play. Every experience will be more rewarding than the last, on every level.


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