Crazy Dragon

Crazy Dagon Online Video Slot

Crazy Dragon is an online progressive video slot game by Realtime Gaming. The game itself has a mythological oriental theme and is filled with images of dragons, koi, bonsai trees and ornate oriental buildings. One of the biggest defining characteristics of this game is the classic style and design of the game. The game has been designed to resemble a classic slot machine or one-arm-bandit the like of which you will find in many land based casinos.

The graphics and sound are fairly basic and keep with the classic slot theme of the game, giving players a sense of being in a real casino. The basic nature of the game can be deceiving as this slot is filled with multiple winning opportunities bonus features and a progressive jackpot.

3-Reel Progressive Jackpot Slot

The Crazy Dragon slot game is essentially a 3 reel single payline slot with a progressive jackpot. While on the surface the game may seem basic, the game is filled with a number of bonus features including a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a re-spin feature and as well as a chance to win the progressive jackpot and make it an excellent companion to bingo for money games. In this game, there are a total of six reel symbols. The main symbols to look out for are the various parts that make up the dragon and the yin yang symbol. The standard symbols including the bonsai tree, the fire cracker, the koi fish and the Pagoda.

Yin Yang Wild Symbol

In Crazy Dragon, the wild symbol is the Yin Yang symbol. As with most slot games, the wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other standard symbols in order to create a winning combination. In this game, the wild symbol cannot substitute for any part of the dragon symbols that form the bonus dragon symbol. One of the main differences with this wild symbol is that it does not pay out on its own. The highest paying symbol in this game is actually the Koi fish. Finding all three koi symbols across the reels with 3 coins activated will pay out the non-progressive jackpot of 3000 coins.

Crazy Dragon Progressive Jackpot Bonus

The bonus symbol in Crazy Dragon is of course the dragon itself. The dragon does not appear as one symbol though and is broken up over three reels. In order to win the progressive jackpot, players must have all three coins activated and must collect 100 re-spins. In order to collect re-spins, players must land certain parts of the dragon across the reels. If players land the head on the dragon on reel 1, they will win 2 re-spins. If players land the head of the dragon on reel 1 and the body of the dragon on reel 2, they will win 5 re-spins. If players land the head on reel 1, the body on reel 2 and the tail of the dragon on reel three, they will win a total of 20 re-spins. If players a lucky enough to do this five times over, they will deservedly win the Crazy Dragon progressive jackpot.