Wheel Of Wealth Special Edition

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition online Slot Game

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is on online video slot game produced by Microgaming, the leader in online casino software. As a follow up to the original Wheel of Wealth slot, the special edition version of the game features higher payouts with the same high quality graphics and sound. The theme of this game is based on the classic game show where contestants spin a large wheel in order to win prizes. Money is the overall theme with images of expensive cars, private planes and wads of cash filling the reels. The graphics and animation in this game are top-quality giving the game a sleek professional look and feel.

5-reels and 25 Paylines

The slot machine in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is based on the classic Microgaming 5-reel 25 payline slot setup. The game itself features wild symbols, scatter symbols, two bonus rounds and an impressive slot jackpot of 10 000 coins. On the reels players will find images all related to money and a wealthy lifestyle. Some of the highest paying symbols include a private jet, an expensive sports car, a diamond, gold bars and a few wads of cash. The lower paying symbols are all fruit symbols which include a watermelon, an orange, a lemon, an apple, grapes and cherries.

Wild Multipliers

The wild symbol in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is the game logo. In this game the wild symbol can substitute for any of the other standard symbols in order to create a winning combination. In this game the wild symbol cannot substitute for the bonus symbol and the scatter symbol. The wild symbol has also been given an additional role in that it doubles all wins when it is used as a substitute. The wild symbol is also the highest paying symbol of the game. Finding all five wild symbols across the reels triggers the slot jackpot of a handsome 10 000 coins on a standard bet.

Scatter and Bonus Symbols

The scatter symbol in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is the gold coin with the word “Scatter” across the face. The scatter symbol in this game pays out in any positon and is multiplied by the bet amount. Because the game uses bonus symbols, the scatter symbol is not used to activate the bonus round. In the game the bonus symbol is Wheel of Wealth wheel that has the word “Bonus” written across the face. The bonus symbol is the key to activating the bonus round where players can choose from two bonus games.

Wheel of Wealth Bonus Games

In Wheel of Wealth Special Edition, the two bonus games are the Reel Bonus and the Wheel of Wealth Bonus. To trigger the bonus round, players must land 3 or more bonus symbols across the reels. Once triggered, players can choose to play the Reel Bonus game or to play the Wheel of Wealth Bonus game. In the Reel Bonus game, players simply choose from a set of symbols to reveal a cash prize of up to 2000 coins. If players choose to play the Wheel of Wealth bonus game, they can spin the large wheel and win up to 1000 coins depending on where the wheel stops.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Online Slots

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is an online slot game developed by the software company, Novomatic. The theme of luck is often used in online slots and often draws in players that are somewhat superstitious about their chances of winning and like the idea of lucky charms. While the term, Lady Luck, is indeed a modern one, the meaning behind it originates both from Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman mythology.

Lady Luck personifies the idea that everything that happens is a result of chance or order. She has been featured in films, novels and comic strips so it is no wonder that she made her way to online slots games, especially when the games require a certain amount of luck in order to win big. In Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Novomatic has improved upon their first version of the game. The graphics are of a much better quality and there is an added payline in this newer version.

As one might guess, the theme in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is all about bringing luck to the players in the form of lucky charm related symbols. The symbols which are used in this game are all internationally renowned lucky charms, such as the Horseshoe symbol, the Four Leafed Clover symbol, the lucky Gold Coin, the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot and of course Lady Luck herself is a symbol. There are also the familiar standard playing card symbols.

Setup and Prizes

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe is, despite the theme, set up similarly to other Novomatic online slot games. There are 5 reels and 10 paylines and you can choose to play all of the 10 paylines or only a couple of them.

There is also a wide betting range with the player being able to place a maximum bet of $100 for one spin. While the free spins bonus and the gamble feature can help you to win big, the best rewards come from landing combinations of 5 symbols on a payline. The highest paying symbol is the Lucky Lady, which is also the Wild symbol.

There are also 5 scatter symbols which will pay you 500x your initial stake. Furthermore, certain symbols (the ladybug, rabbit foot, crystal ball, the lucky lady and the number 9) can form winning combinations with only 2 identical symbols on a payline. For all the other symbols you need to land at least 3 symbols on a line to form a winning combination.

Bonuses and Features

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe has several bonus features. The first is the Wild symbol; Lady Luck. Not only can this symbol act as a substitute for most of the other symbols, but it can also double all wins in which the symbol forms a part.

If 3 or more of the Lady’s Crystal Ball scatter symbol land anywhere on the reels in one spin, the free spins bonus round is activated in which you are given 15 free spins. During the free spins bonus round every prize that is won is automatically tripled.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe also has a standard Gamble feature where you can gamble your winnings for a chance to double or quadruple them, but risk the chance of losing your payout if your prediction proves incorrect.

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth

Eagle Bucks Online Slots by Ainsworth

Eagle Bucks online video slot machine is a 5-reel 20 payline game an American wildlife theme. The symbolic eagle thematically adorns the screen décor, and its grace and beauty are neatly captured. This video slot game is powered by the Australian company, Ainsworth Game Technology. The reels are adorned with images of the eagle, which is the Wild symbol, Eagle Bucks logo, which is the Scatter symbol, a stone arch, a wolf, a buffalo, a deer, eggs and numerals. The eagle, which is the Wild symbol strongly symbolises the American theme.

The eagle is the Wild symbol in Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth slots, and substitutes for all symbols other than the Scatter symbol in order to create wins. Five eagle Wild symbols appearing across the reels pays a jackpot of 1000 coins, and constitutes a fair win already.

Fly High with Free Spins

The winning objective in Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth is to land the Eagle Bucks logo Scatter symbols. Three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels activates a Free Spins round. However, this is no ordinary free spins round; players could either win 10 straight free spins or 10 free spins with an eagle Wild symbol held in position on the fifth reel.

In addition, more free spins could be won too. During the Free Spins round, extra eagle wilds fly across the screen. If there additional Wild symbols land on reels 2, 3, or 4, all symbols in all positions on those reels will be replaced with the eagle Wild symbol, rather dramatically increasing the rewards involved.  Another advantage of this Free Spins round in Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth is the extra five free spins that are won should three or more Scatter symbols land during the bonus round.

The Gamble Feature

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth slot game has a gamble feature that can be activated after any win. To play, just click the gamble button. Then choose a card colour or a card suit. The colour selection, which, should the next card in the deck match, the winnings doubled. If a suit is chosen and the next card’s suit matches, the winnings are quadrupled. This can be played up to 5 times in a row. Remember, winnings can be collected at any time, but should the colour or suit be incorrect, all winnings are lost.

Details of Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth

There is no doubt Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth can prove to be fairly lucrative should anyone hit the Free Spins bonus round featured in the game. The winning rate in this video slot appears to be slightly lower than comparative games, and Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth does not feature any auto-play function to speed the game up. The sound track too, has often been criticised for lack of originality.

The minimum coin size in Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth video slot machine is 0.01, and the maximum 6. The slots game is therefore capable of relatively high pay outs, although could not be considered a high roller machine, due to the only payline stake option being 1 coin, which limits the high level stakes.

Lotto national lottery

Lotto National Lottery Competitions

National governments have always been linked in some way to their countries’ gambling industries – be it as enforcers of the strict banishment of all forms of gaming or as trusted sanctioning or even organising bodies. This latter approach of the powers that be to games of chance most often takes the form of a lotto national lottery.

In fact, the earliest lottery games on record, dating back to Ancient China, were used by the Han Dynasty to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China. Similarly, the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar used the profits from lotteries to fund repairs to the city of Rome.

And now, centuries later, the popularity of the lotto national lottery shows no signs of waning, with over 70 major national lotteries currently in operation worldwide. So what accounts for this continued success of lotto national lottery competitions?

Lotto National Lottery and the Law

In many countries, such as the US in the 1900s, illegal lotteries thrived on stealing vast amounts of money from unsuspecting citizens until the government stepped in to enforce control. Sometimes, this simply involved stronger regulation of fair and legal play but, not infrequently, the response was to completely ban all forms of the game. But this, much like prohibition in the 20s, proved largely unsuccessful, as dodgy operators were left completely to their own devices underground.

A far more effective solution, it was found, was for governments to take matters into their own hands by, themselves, taking on the role of lottery coordinators. Although this measure has not left the industry entirely scandal-free, it has placed responsibility for lotto national lottery competitions in the hands of a more publically visible and accountable entity. In short, many people exclusively play the lotto national lottery because they trust their governments more than they trust private corporations.

National Lotteries, Charities and Taxes

Another incentive for national governments to get involved in lottery competitions is the possibility to increase government revenues. From the Great Wall of China, through the reigns of Francis I of France and Elizabeth I of England, and into the present day, generating funds via lotto national lottery games has often been used as an alternative to increased taxation.

Some lotto national lottery prize winnings, however, are not subject to taxation at all – an incentive for players to participate. Examples of countries where this is the practice include New Zealand, Lichtenstein, parts of Canada, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and certain states in the USA, among others.

Lotto national lottery competitions have also been known to take on the role of charity fundraisers in many countries. In the United Kingdom, for example, the lotto national lottery has raised in excess of £32 billion for charities and good causes over the past two decades.

Notable Lotto National Lottery Games

Although, strictly speaking, it is a multi-state competition and not a lotto national lottery, the US’s MegaMillions holds the world record for the largest ever lottery jackpot of US$656 million, whilst PowerBall US has awarded the largest jackpot in history to a single winner – a whopping US$590.5 million.

Meanwhile, Europe’s transnational EuroMillions holds the European record of an awesome €185 million. The China Welfare Lottery, Mega-Sena and Oz Lotto hold the lotto national lottery jackpot records for Asia, South America and Australia, respectively.

NRL 2016 betting odds

Successfully Applying NRL 2016 Betting Odds

The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is renowned for delivering high-calibre games and keeping the sport clean. Many patriots simply watch and enjoy the game, but there are plenty who enjoy putting money down on them as well. This requires analysis and understanding of several factors, and as punters become more experienced their appreciation for the beloved game should actually grow. One of the things that can really influence a payout is the odds on the game, and the NRL 2016 betting odds are no exception. To find out more about applying them and about wagering in general, read on below.

Some Basic Starting Pointers

As with all their games, there will be NRL 2016 betting odds on teams winning away, winning a home game, or drawing a match. The odds will fluctuate through the season, depending on player and team performance, injuries and several other factors, so punters need to pay careful attention to them. There are 2 basic things that can improve the chances of getting the best deal possible: to back a team early to get the most favourable odds and, if betting online, to open accounts at several reputable sites. This will allow bettors to look around and take advantage of the best odds on any given day.

The Best NRL 2016 Betting Odds

There are several wagers that can be made on NRL games, and some offer better odds than others. The more punters progress along their journey and develop their own strategies, the more they will know which ones work best for them and they should try to make a lot of those bets whether they offer the very best odds or not. In the beginning, however, it is definitely worth sticking to the wagers with the most understood odds and these are detailed here.

  • The simplest punts are head-to-head bets, where bettors just need to say which team they think will win. These usually take golden point results and extra time into consideration, and these NRL betting odds will be set according to bookies’ own opinions, and what they thing public opinion is. Understanding them is as much a psychological exercise as anything else, and definitely gets easier over time.
  • Bookies usually get very creative with margin bets, which require punters to put money on the leading team’s margin at quarter, half or full time. This is usually quite tricky to do, and the NRL 2016 betting odds for these wagers should be quite long. If bettors manage to get reliable information about the margins, however, these can be incredibly rewarding.
  • For more advanced wagering, there are several exotic bets that require very specific predictions, such as which player will score the first try in a game. These can come as single bets, or as double or multi bets, which involve more than 1 event (also called a leg). In these multis and doubles, all predictions must come true to trigger a payout. For example, in a halftime/fulltime bet, punters need to say which team will be in the lead at half- and fulltime, and must be right in both cases to win money.

More NRL Betting Options

It’s also possible to place Futures bets on later events, such as punting on who will take the premiership at the beginning of the season. For those who really want to understand players and the NRL 2016 betting odds before things kick off, building a fantasy league can be very helpful as well. This can provide entertainment and deeper insights.

AFL 2016 Betting Odds

AFL 2016 Betting Odds

For almost every Australian, the Australian Football League (or AFL) is a special source of national pride. The Australian Rules football events are among the most watched and attended throughout the country, and the most wagered on as well. Both novice and advanced punters will enjoy the AFL specials that the country’s top bookmakers have on offer, and everyone should check the AFL 2016 betting odds carefully before putting any money down.

A Few Basic Pointers

It’s always a good idea to check out and register with a few sportsbooks, which is especially easy if punting online, to make sure to take advantage of the best AFL 2016 betting odds possible on any given day. Because online sites are in such heavy competition with each other they should have great AFL 2016 betting odds and bonus promotions to swell betting accounts even more, and taking the time to check out the best options is very strongly advised. For land-based punters this could be a little more difficult, but they should still try to check out as many local betting shops as they can before they decide where they want to bet.

If bettors are using online sites, they should make sure they work for them in practical ways, such as having customer support teams that are available at times when they are likely to need them and via suitable communication channels. Banking options should also be easy and secure, so that visitors can focus on the wagers they are making.

Beginning punters might wish to start with simple bets on the results of a specific match or of the entire tournament. The AFL betting odds and ladder, as well as any specific game tips, should be checked with different trusted sources and even online chatrooms, to decide which teams to back. As punters become more experienced and familiar with different teams, they will get to know individual players more and can place wagers on their performances and decide how much money to put down based on a specific team line-up.

More complicated wagers should also be considered as punters become more confident, such as bringing all wagers together on 1 ticket in a multiple bet. This has much greater reward because all odds are multiplied together in the payouts, but much greater risk as well because every bet has to win before anything is paid out at all.  When bettors know what they are doing, they can weigh up the odds of each situation and use multiple tickets if they feel sure of their picks. This should happen quite naturally as they check out all the information on AFL 2016 betting odds, player performances and recent team history.

Keeping a Clear Head

It is also worth noting and remembering that, because Australians are passionate and loyal, they often develop sentimental attachments to specific AFL teams. While rooting for a favourite is not a problem, betting on them when they are likely to lose is. Punters should stay mindful of this and check out the AFL 2016 betting odds and other factors mentioned above, from sites and guides that they feel they can trust, and place their bets according to what they say.

Captain Venture Online Video Slot

Captain Venture Online Video Slot

Captain Venture is an online slot game created by renowned casino software provider Novomatic. This game contains 5 reels and 10 standard slot game paylines in a game that features a fun nautical theme that is centred on the adventures of Captain Venture himself.

The main bonus feature offered by the Captain Venture online video slot is a free spins feature, in which players will be awarded up to 20 free spins and a 4x multiplier. The game’s wild symbol will act as an additional multiplier during the free spins feature, awarding a total multiplier of 8x when it forms part of winning combinations.

Graphics and Game Play

The Captain Venture online video slot is based on a pirate and treasure theme, and the design of the game reflects this. The reels are set against a backdrop of calm blue seas, silhouetted mountains and a clear sky. The pay table has been kept simple to reveal the ocean graphic underneath it, and the reels of the Captain Venture online video slot are also simple and solid white in colour.

On the reels are nautical symbols that all relate to Captain Venture’s ship and crew. These symbols are colourful and detailed to match the light-hearted feel of this slot. A cheerful soundtrack plays during game play, and sounds of the sea are played when symbols are involved in winning combinations.

Reel Symbols

On the reels of the Captain Venture online video slot are theme-related symbols of a treasure map, a pirate ship, male and female shipmates, an anchor and Captain Venture himself, pictured as a long-haired, bearded pirate captain. Also featured are standard playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A in a colourful font fringed with gold.

Wild Symbol

Captain Venture himself is the game’s wild symbol. This wild can substitute all other symbols in the game except for the scatter, helping to create winning combinations on the reels.

Scatter Symbol and Jackpot Payout

The ship’s helm icon serves as the Captain Venture online video slot scatter symbol, which activates the main feature. 3 or more of these symbols must land anywhere on the reels to trigger the Captain Venture free spins feature.

The helm icon will also award a jackpot of 10,000x players’ bets when 5 of these scatter symbols appear on an activated payline.

Captain Venture Free Spins Feature

Once the free spins feature has been triggered, players will be awarded a number of free spins depending on how many scatter symbols activated the feature during the base game. Between 10 and 20 spins can be won, with 10 being awarded for 3 scatter symbols and a maximum of 20 free spins being awarded when 5 scatter symbols trigger the feature. A multiplier of 4x the wins will also apply to any wins won during the feature.

Additionally, any wild symbols that land on the reels during the free spins feature will also act as multipliers. When wild symbols form part of winning combinations, those wins will be multiplied by an 8x win multiplier. Players can also win additional free spins during the feature by landing more scatter symbols on the reels.


Beach Online Video Slot by NetEnt

Famed online gaming software developer, Net Entertainment, has produced a colourful yet simple take on the popular seaside slots theme and given it an appropriately simple title: Beach.

With the sound of crashing waves and a marimba melody in the background, the five reels of the Beach slot move in waves, rather than spinning, washing up an assortment of sea creatures and other items from the seashore.

Seaside Symbols on the Reels

The most valuable icon that can wash up on the Beach reels is the treasure chest, which pays out 2 000 coins for five on a payline. But the treasure chest is not the only item of great value that may land on the Beach. Players should also be on the lookout for a shellfish, a starfish, a seashell, and a pearl inside an oyster. Also not to be forgotten are, of course, the scatter and wild symbols, which are described below.

The Beach icons with the least value are, as usual, the high-hand playing card symbols, which are chiselled into the surface of rocks from the ocean floor.

No matter their value, all Beach icons become animated, to the tune of a merry tropical ditty, whenever they form part of a winning combination.

Wagers and Winlines

Beach, which can be found in almost all NetEnt casinos, features five reels and 20 paylines. Although the number of paylines in play is fixed, Beach players can set the sizes of their wagers to suit their risk preferences. Coin values range modestly between 0.01 and 1.00 credits and players may bet between 1 and 10 coins per line.

As a result, the minimum Beach wager per spin is just 0.20 credits, whilst it can go as high as 200 credits.

Free Spins in a Bottle

Free spins – or, more accurately, free waves – come bottled on the Beach reels. Players who are lucky enough to find three or more bottle scatter symbols anywhere in the surf will be awarded a certain number of free waves. The more bottles, the more free waves – eight, 16 and 24 free waves for three, four and five bottles, respectively.

Driftwood and a Wild Octopus

Beach has not one but two wild symbols. The first, represented by a piece of driftwood with the word “WILD” carved into it, is the standard wild. The standard Beach wild can appear on Reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 and may stand in for any other symbol – except the scatter and octopus wild – to complete winning paylines.

Then there’s the purple octopus Beach wild. This unique extra wild only comes up on the third reel and can also act as a substitute in the same way as the standard wild. Moreover, the octopus wild has the ability to swap around the symbols adjacent to it on the second and fourth reels to create the best possible combination.

In addition to this potentially very lucrative feature, the Beach octopus wild doubles all wins incurred with its help via a 2x multiplier.

Kitty Cabana

Kitty Cabana Online Slots Game

Microgaming is the power behind the Kitty Cabana online slots machine game, and it offers players five reels and 25 paylines to unfold the action on. There is an enormous bet variety available, suiting bettors of all wagering preferences, and the game presents a feline theme alongside dynamic animations and charming kitty cat characters for play.

This game is a very brightly coloured one, and takes place in a luxurious hotel and spa setting. Each of the cat characters has its own distinct personality, and these are revealed on the reels for the game. The soundtrack that accompanies game play is an upbeat one, and is made up of drum brushes and woodwind instruments that will immediately recall the muzak pumped through the speakers of many popular hotels all around the world.

Symbols for Kitty Cabana Slots

The symbols for the Kitty Cabana slots game are based on a series of different types of cats, including one relaxing while getting its hair done; one relaxing alongside the side of a swimming pool sipping a cocktail; a cat getting its nail done; a cat sunbathing; and a rather overweight one serving the drinks to the guests at the hotel. Jack, Queen, King and ace symbols are also present.

Bonus Features for Kitty Cabana

There are two extra bonus features for Kitty Cabana slots, the first of which is known as the dashing wild. This feature is triggered randomly during the main game, on a non-winning spin, and presents wild symbols dashing across the middle of the reels in order to eventually land in random positions. The scurrying of the wilds is accompanied by a swing tune, featuring a lively tempo that adds to the excitement of wondering where these scampering wild symbols will eventually end up.

The second Kitty Cabana bonus feature is composed of free spins, and these are made available when players manage to land three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels. The scatter symbol is that of a cat waitress, and players will need to choose three doors during this feature. The first door, found on the first floor, will reveal which special wild feature has been awarded, a door on the second floor will reveal the multiplier for wins, and the door on the third floor will reveal the amount of free spins awarded in total. There are as many as 24 free spins available, along with a multiplier of as much as six.

The super stacked wilds feature offers wild symbols stacked 20 high on the second and fourth reels. The expanding wilds feature will offer wilds that can expand to take over the relevant reel for Kitty Cabana, and the split wilds feature has the wilds dividing into two in order to create even more winning combinations for players.

The maximum win in the dashing wild feature and base Kitty Cabana slots game is 480 times the stake the player has made, and the free spins feature offers players up to 2 933 times the initial bet.

Gold Strike

Gold Strike Slots Online

The gamble option is the main feature that sets Gold Strike apart from all the other slots games available at online casinos worldwide, and players can choose to gamble all their wins, wins that exceed a certain amount, or no wins at all. The gamble feature itself is shown as 12 playing cards with different odds depending on which you select. An ace, for example, will pay out 12 times the amount staked and players can also bet on either black or red cards for a 50% chance of winning. There are other options within this area of the game for players to choose from too.

About Gold Strike Slots Games

There are 20 win lines in Gold Strike, and the game offers players wild symbols as well as a goldmine bonus feature that spans three levels. The bonus feature can be accessed when players land six or more of the dynamite scatters symbols. Once players have been redirected to the goldmine, they will need to select a detonator in order to win one of the available cash prizes. Further, all wins on any of the stakes can be gambled by players if they wish to make use of this feature.

User-Friendly Play with Gold Strike

Gold strike features twenty win lines, and players will simply need to select the up or down arrow buttons featured for the stake/line option in order to increase or decrease the size of their bets per line. Clicking the paytable button will allow players to view the payouts for each symbol at the stake they have selected so that the rewards are clear.

Selecting the spin button will start Gold Strike, and players will have the choice of enabling an optional auto-play function in the game, which will then spin the reels automatically until something that requires input from the player occurs. Players will need to select the auto-play button, and then select an option from the popup list setting the number of spins desired. Stopping auto-play is very easy to do, and is done by selecting the stop auto-play button which will appear in the place of the one previously designating the auto-play function.

All About the Gamble Feature

Before beginning a game of Gold Strike, or between plays, players will be able to choose whether or not to gamble any of their winnings by means of the gamble feature the game offers. The gamble for all wins will allow the player to activate the feature for all of the wins they may incur, and simply selecting gamble off will allow players to terminate the process. Players can also set the wins to only be gambled after a certain amount of wins have been obtained, and these options will all remain active for the duration of play, until the player decides to end the process.

Wins are incurred when players manage to match three or more reel icons on a win line during Gold Strike, or when three or more of the dynamite scatter symbols appear anywhere in view. Only the highest win will be paid out on each win line, with coinciding wins on different paylines added along with those accrued by means of the scatters and bonus games.