Redcliffe Racecourse

The harness racecourse at Redcliffe is a short local track, only 835 meters long. The straight is 170 meters making it one of the shorter tracks in Queensland. Redcliffe has an all weather surface of crushed dust, which allows races to go ahead no matter what the weather is doing outside. This means less cancelled or abandoned races.

Redcliffe Peninsula Harness Racing Club

The club that operated the track at Redcliffe is called the Redcliffe Peninsula Harness Racing Club. They have been in operation for over fifty years, promoting the sport of harness racing in Redcliffe. The motto of the track is The Best Bet, referring both to betting at the track and watching races at he track. The Redcliffe Peninsula Harness racing club promote the venue as a family outing, offering a number of amenities.

Amenities At Redcliffe

The track complex is run by the Redcliffe Peninsula Harness racing club and offers amenities for the whole family. Children are entertained on race days via activities such as jumping castles and face painting. There are a number of bars and a cafe restaurant called Pacers. The bars can only be accessed by people of legal drinking and gambling age due to the tote facilities that are offered inside them. The restaurant does not have any betting facilities but families are encouraged to bring their children to have a meal.

Tote facilities are provided at the track in a number of ways. On big race days, there are onsite bookies that unfortunately are not there on smaller days. They can be contacted by telephone in some cases however. Electronic tote machines are always on site, offering betting on local races as well as national ones.  There are also televisions in the bars that show TAB races being held nationwide.

Harness Racing

Harness racing is an equestrian racing sport where the horses pull a small cart called a sulky. Unlike flat racing, harness horses are not thoroughbreds but are standardbreds instead. Standardbreds are bigger boned and less delicate than their equine cousins, lending themselves better to the harder tracks and rougher terrain of Harness racing and those seen on greyhound racing betting sites.

There are two main types of harness racing, trotting and pacing. Harness horses are not allowed to break into a gallop or a canter and have to maintain either of these two gaits depending on which type of race they are in. Trotting is a natural gait for a horse where they move alternative legs forward at the same time. Trotting horses are taught to enhance the gait, making their stride longer and faster without breaking into a canter. To do this many trainers use a piece of equipment called hopples, which be seen on the horses as they race.

Pacing is similar to trotting, but the horse moves both legs on one side at a time. This is a gait which has to be taught to the horses as it is not a natural one. Hopples are used for this as well, and can also be seen on the horses as they race.

Placing a bet on harness racing is a popular past time in Australia. Many people follow the races quite keenly and have favourite local and national horses.


Horse Racing Betting Online in New Zealand

Horse racing has been popular in New Zealand for well over a century, and is one of the most bet on sports on the islands. More and more punters have discovered the convenience of placing their bets online.

They do this by signing up at online bookmakers. There, they can find a range of markets that allow for different types of bets on thoroughbred and harness racing.

Betting at licensed bookmakers that protect punters by securing their banking services with data encryption technology is safe, so punters need not worry about fraudulent activity.

New Zealand’s History of Horse Racing

Punters have been betting on horse racing ever since the sport was introduced to the islands. Some of the very first thoroughbred races took place as far back as 1864.

It didn’t take long for the Kiwis to make a name for themselves in the sport, either. Horses bred in New Zealand began winning Melbourne Cups in 1882, and show no sign of slowing down. More than 40 cups and other races have been won by Kiwi-bred horses since that momentous year.

The thoroughbred side of it is overseen by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Incorporated. The sport’s main club is the Auckland Racing Club, which uses Ellerslie Racecourse for its races.

The first harness racing or trotting events for Standardbred horses were also held in 1864, although the first race on a proper racecourse took place several years later, in 1875. The sport continued to gain momentum through the 1880s, although it should be noted that, at first, some Kiwi bookmakers and punters were actually opposed to the idea of harness racing.

Notable New Zealand Horse Races

New Zealand boasts a large number of races. This is obviously good news for punters, as they can access racing betting opportunities throughout the year.

A few of the popular races include the Auckland Cup, the Championship Stakes, the Desert Gold Stakes, the Easter Handicap, the Great Northern Derby, the Karaka Million, the Wellington Cup, the Windsor Park Plate, the Air New Zealand Stakes, the New Zealand Trotting Cup, the Auckland Trotting Cup, and the Noel J Taylor Memorial Mile.

Kiwi-bred horses also run in some of the world’s most prestigious races, which are offered as markets to punters. Some of the international racing events on which punters can bet are the Dubai World Cup, the Epsom Derby, the Melbourne Cup, and the Victoria Derby, all offering great tote betting online.

Types of Horse Racing Bets Found Online

Betting on horse racing at online bookmakers provides punters with all the familiar bet types. To place their bets, punters need to log in to their bookmaker accounts, select their preferred market, and then choose from the bet types displayed.

They can place Straight bets on particular horses to win certain races, and they can bet on multiple finishers and multiple races. Exotic bets are also a feature of New Zealand’s top online bookmakers.

Before Punters Place Online Racing Bets

If punters are new or inexperienced with betting on horse racing, there is a risk that they might not place the most sensible of bets. One way of improving their betting is by reading not only tips offered by New Zealand online bookmakers, but betting guides as well.

They can find horses’ and jockeys’ track records, track conditions, weather reports, and other information that could prove invaluable.

Around the World

Ash Gaming’s Around the World Video Slot

Ash Gaming has come up with a video slots game that is based on Jules Verne’s classic novel, Around the World in 80 Days. The slots game, entitled Around the World, offers players five reels and twenty pay lines to play on in their journey around the world. Here they will encounter bonus rounds, wild symbols, and scatter symbols.

The Around the World video slots game is compatible with both the Windows and the Mac operating systems.

Theme of the Game

The original story of the Around the World in 80 Days novel takes a gentleman around the world in eighty days by a variety of mechanisms, be it train, ship, or elephant, and he experiences a ton of things and new sights.

The Around the World video slots game references some of these sights and means of travel in the background imagery and the symbols used. The background of the game portrays some of the world’s most well-known landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Great Sphinx, and the Bridge of China. Some of the symbols include the train, ship, and elephant referenced above, as well as a balloon, boat, and camel. The symbols appear on a Victorian-style post stamp.

The graphics used in the game have an antique feel to them, further enhancing the theme.

Two Wild Symbols

The Around the World video slots game offers its players two wild symbols. The first is the Around the World symbol and the second is the Traveller symbol. Both of these wild symbols can substitute any of the other symbols and thereby help players complete winning combinations. The only symbols that cannot be substituted are the other wilds, the scatter, and the Globe Bonus symbol.

The difference between the two wild symbols is that the Traveller symbol carries an additional multiplier with it. If players land two Traveller wild symbols, all of the wins made will be doubled.

Additional Gaming Features

The Around the World video slots game offers players numerous additional and bonus features unlike anything found on real money blackjack games.

If they land three or more Globe symbols anywhere on the reels, this will trigger the Travel bonus. Here, players will be able to select one of four trips around the world, and the further they travel, the more they will win. Players have the choice of playing the bonus round using half of their winnings, or they can choose to keep their winnings and not play the bonus round at all.

If players land the Compass scatter symbol, they will receive a set multiplier that may be anything from a two-time multiplier to a thirty-two-time multiplier.

The Around the World game also offers the Reverse Play feature. This simply means that wins will be counted as losses and vice versa. So, if a player lands a winning combination, they will lose, and if they do not land a winning combination, they will win. Players can choose whether they wish to activate or not activate this Reverse Play feature.

CS:GO betting guide

The Bonuses of Using a CS:GO Betting Guide

In order to ensure that bettors come out on top over the long-term when it comes to eSports betting, a good CS:GO betting guide is vital. There are grounders that simply must be understood before any wagering begins, and individuals who fail to make sure that they accomplish this initial step will soon feel the result of improper amounts of knowledge applied to this fun pastime.

Understanding the Essentials of CS:GO Betting

The first thing that a good CS:GO betting guide will outline for the prospective bettor is that the most basic feature of wagering is that it involves both winning and losing –some days the outcome will be a good one, other days this will not be the case. It is vital that individuals who wish to start enjoying this entertaining hobby understand this concept in order to retain the kind of perspective that ensures esports CS:GO betting does not become problematic. It simply isn’t possible for the bettor to win each and every wager he or she lays, and failing to come out on top and then trying to place blame on teams; the person who provided the tips the bettor made use of; or any outside party except that of notoriously fickle Lady Luck is a lose-lose situation that will remove any part of the pleasure of betting.

Bettors should try to ensure that they do not become disheartened when losing occurs –even the most successful gamblers have off-days, and the risk factor involved in betting is at the very heart of the this kind of entertainment.

A CS:GO Betting Guide Does Not Replace Research

Those making use of a CS:GO betting guide should never assume that doing so will replace the need for them to actually do research in order to make sure that the wagers they place are successful ones. It is vital that the bettor accomplishes both the research and analysis required in order to successfully estimate a particular team or player’s chance of success, and, luckily, this is a relatively easy task to accomplish.

Of course it is impossible for anyone, with or without the help of a CS:GO betting guide, to conclusively reach a certain outcome as per the result of a match, but successful returns on wagers are far more likely to occur should the bettor have done the proper amount of investigation before the wager is laid. Proper betting simply cannot be done if the individual interested in doing so does not watch or play CS:GO; knowing the ins and outs of the team and its players is how money is made in this game.

Analysis is an imperfect tool: no matter how good something looks; sounds; and feels to a bettor, it should still be compared to statistics and matches. There is a lot of excellent information available to those who wish to start betting on CS:GO matches, and the value of a comprehensive CS:GO betting guide is hard to overstate, but wagering is a game of chance, and should be enjoyed as such.

Wolf Run


Wolf Run Slot Game Presented by IGT

Wolf Run is one of the popular slots games by IGT that involve wolves, with Wolf Rising and wild Wolf being the other two. All of them have some great smooth game play, with a selection of wilds and scatters, and some bonus rounds loaded with prizes.

Wolf Run is a five reel game, with forty pay lines. You will hear the wolves howling at times throughout the game, and the background is the dense forest where they all live.

Symbols include the Black Wolf and the White Wolf, and the Wolf howling at the full moon. The game is played against the backdrop of a dark night in the forest, with wolves howling, all in colours of purple and green and blue.  There are also the traditional playing cards symbols from nine through to the ace, which represent the lower value symbols. The title of the game is also very creative, with the letter o being replaced by a wolf’s paw.

The Wild Symbol Is the Howling Wolf

The Howling Wolf is the Wild symbol, and he can replace all other symbols in the game to complete a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol in Wolf Run is also the bonus symbol, and is the key to the free spins bonus round.

If you find three or more of the Bonus symbols appearing on the centre reels, 2, 3 and 4, and you will unlock the free spins bonus round. You will receive five free spins at once. All wins that you make during this round will come with a multiplier of two. Three more bonus symbols appearing on the middle reels will award you with more free spins, and all additional free spins will be added to the remaining spins that you have. All the additional free spins also come with a multiplier of two. The Free Spins bonus round also comes with a stacked wilds feature, and this can be triggered on any of the five reels. Certainly any stacked Wilds will increase the numbers of payouts you may win. The stacked wilds in Wolf Run come up often, and you could fill the entire screen with stacked wilds if you are lucky, which would give you a pretty good payout. With each stacked Wilds payout, the Wild Wolf symbol will howl at the moon.

A Useful Auto Play Function

Wolf Run slot game, like many IGT slots games, also offers an Auto Play function which is great to couple with when you’re playing baccarat online on your mobile. With this function you can choose between ten and fifty automatic spins. These run at normal speeds, and give you the same chance of landing the bonus and finding winning combinations. All wins are added to your balance.  There is a Tools Button too, for adjusting the graphics and optimal game play.

You do need to play all forty pay lines to win the maximum prizes. The line bets have a wide range, so players of all levels of experience can play Wolf Run. The Howling Wolf is the highest paying symbol, and will pay you a great one thousand coins if you land five on an active pay line. All line wins pay from left to right, and are multiplied by your initial stake.

Wolf Rising

Wolf Rising the Latest in IGT’s Wildlife Based Slots Games

The Wolf has been the subject of a few slot games by IGT, and Wolf Rising is one of the most popular. The game features a variety of wolves and an unusual pay line structure. IGT has given Wolf Rising the normal five reels, but there are eight rows of symbols, which then will supply you with one hundred pay lines spread over the reels. The game loads fast, and the background music is interspersed with far off howls from the wolves.

Wolf Rising is full of Wilds and stacked Wilds and free spins and multipliers, and you can play this game on any computer without have to download any software. The interface of Wolf Rising has been creatively arranged, and all the play information is located on the right side of the screen. There are buttons to mute the sound or improve the quality of the graphics, and an Auto Spin button, all to ensure your game play runs as smoothly as possible.


All The Valuable Symbols Are Wolves

The reels are transparent, and through them you can see a cold night snow and ice, and the wolves are out hunting. The lower value symbols are the classic playing card symbols, from nine through to the ace, but the all the attractive variety of wolves represent the symbols with the highest values. You will see the White Wolf, the Black Wolf, the Grey Wolf and the Brown Wolf. The Totem Pole is the Wild symbol, and when it appears stacked on the reels can look extremely impressive, like a real totem pole. The Stacked Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol in the game in a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. There is also an ornately painted bonus symbol, which will activate the main bonus round. The high card symbols in Wolf Rising will pay on the appearance of four symbols, not three.

Free Spins Bonus Feature is Lucrative

The free spins bonus round is initiated by the appearance of three or more of the bonus symbols appearing anywhere on the middle reels. You start off with only five free spins, but reels two, three and four will be transformed to contain more stacked wilds, and therefore there will be lots more possibilities of big wins. Stacked Wilds can also replace other symbols if you are about to complete a winning sequence. Stacked Wilds are also the most valuable of all the symbols, giving you a handsome win of one thousand coins if you find five on an active online pokies pay line. All pay line wins pay from left to right, and all are multiplied by your initial line bet. The extra rows mean that this bonus round is retriggered fairly often, soothe number of free spins often increases by another five or even ten.

If you land more bonus symbols on those middle reels during play in the free spins round, you will win five more free spins. This way you could win up to 255 free spins. All wins you make during the free spins bonus round will be multiplied by twice your initial stake.

The main source of entertainment in Wolf Rising centres on the large number of rows available. This game also sounds good with the faint howls of the wolves in the distance while you are playing.


A Space Setting for Winstar Slot Game

Winstar slot game is set against the glowing colours of an intergalactic space scene, with the occasional glimpse of a shining star moving through the screen. The reels are full of stars in different colours, red, blue and green. There is also a silver three dimensional Star which is the top paying symbol, as well as the eight pointed Star with a multi coloured background. Background music seems to be electronic, perhaps an early techno tune, and gives the slot a dynamic feel as a background for online bingo.

Winstar is a fairly simple game to play, with a wide variety of bets that can be placed. This game will appeal to players of all levels of experience.


Several Bonus Rounds

There are several bonus rounds, and a great progressive jackpot which gives you the chance to win a huge five hundred times your original stake. Instead of the usual Wild card symbol, there is also the unique Winstar symbol which is a big Golden Star, and which can change into one of the other different symbol at random each time. When you hit the Winstar symbol it can become stacked and fill an entire reel or even two reels, while flashing and spinning all the time. The stacked symbols are at the core of Winstar slot game, and this does of course, often lead to some great winning combinations. You do always need to match three identical symbols on a line to win a prize, so sometimes these changing symbols can slow the game down a little.

The symbols are the multi coloured Stars, and they are accompanied by the classic playing cards from ten through to the ace. These playing cards are bigger than they usually appear, and each one is a different colour.


Fill The Screen with Silver Stars for a Huge Prize

Winstar has five reels, three rows and ten fixed pay lines instead of the more usual twenty adjustable pay lines. Something different in this game, is that the symbols on the reels do not have to be read from left to right. Any three identical symbols which appear together on a pay line will give you a win. This means you can have four of a kind on one reel, and three of a kind on another reel.

If you find ten Silver three dimensional Stars on a pay line you will be paid ten times your initial bet, and you will get thirty times your original stake for four of the silver Stars. You will be awarded fifty times your first wager if you find five silver Stars on an active pay line, and if you manage to fill the screen with the silver Stars you will win five hundred times your first wager. Next in value are the red Stars, with the blue and green Stars coming after.

Gold Reels a Lucky Sign

You will notice as you spin the reels, that some of them turn gold at random.  If you are lucky enough to have all the reels turn gold on a single spin you will have won the progressive jackpot. The amount of the progressive jackpot is displayed at the top of the screen, and it is generally in excess of tens of thousands of dollars.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka a Chocolate Slots Game

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a slot machine designed to entertain and enchant players just like the original movie did. The game dashboard is innovative and engaging, the bonus features, winning combinations and pay outs are all worthwhile experiences and the game is interactive and well-developed.

Thematically the slot game is based on the film entitled ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. As a slots game using a combination of fantasy, technology, and music score from the musical released in 1971, this game has a certain poignancy in the current state of affairs that cannot be understated, a worthwhile tribute to a delightful and memorable entertainment event.

Cutting Edge Graphics and Game Play

The graphic and gaming technology used in Willy Wonka slots game, particularly the motion chair feature, set this game apart from most other slot machines. Players ride a boat on the river of melted chocolate in a chair that moves gently to the flow of the river, like a real boat ride. These top-of-the-range graphics are a show-piece of the slot machine, with HD quality pictures and symbols in a wickedly colourful theme. Of particular note and emphasis are the green-haired and orange-skinned Oompa Loompa characters who alone make this a game worth experiencing.

Willy Wonka slot machine boasts a total of 40 pay lines. The game play options extend to playing up to 5 coins per pay line, which translates into a maximum bet of 200 coins per spin. Enough to whet any high rollers’ appetite. The lower settings still allow for low risk and high volume play if this is an aim.


The Reel Symbols and Some Features

This slots games’ reels are bedecked with a set of Wild symbols and a Bonus game. Fortunately, the casinos offering Willy Wonka slots also provide it in a free play mode at no risk, which is a great way of getting used to the many levels and depths of this intricate slot game before using Paysafecard for casino games or your trusted Credit card.

The Willy Wonka slot machines bonus games are numerous, to say the least. The more notable are the acquisition of free spins. In order to activate the Free spins round, players have to land the Glass Elevator symbols. Once this happens, the Elevator takes off, eventually landing at a randomly awarded feature. Apart from the free spins, players get to experience picking games, other free spins use super-sized symbols, double the number of pay lines, a golden ticket jackpot and even clips from the original movie.

Due Homage to the Film and Book

The primary reel symbols on Willy Wonka slot game are the characters from the original motion picture. Apart from Willy Wonka himself, players get to enjoy the esteemed company of Charlie, the Oompa Loompa’s, Veruca, Grandpa Joe, and, of course, not forgetting the tantalizing Golden Ticket that was turned in such an attraction by the Roald Dahl book.

In true homage to the film, players of Willy Wonka slots will be able to find the golden ticket in the big Wonka bar of chocolate. The Golden Ticket feature is triggered if players earn 1500 credits during the free spins feature, and pick the correct Wonka bar on the screen. Like the book and the film, the rewards of finding it are, shall we say, satisfactory.

Wild Wolf

Hear a Real Wolf’s Howl at Wild Wolf Slot Game

Wild Wolf is produced by International Gaming Technology, or IGT, and is a five reel and fifty pay line slot game, with bonus rounds and lots of free spins and multipliers. As the game suggests, it is all about wild wolves, and it even starts with a spine chilling wolf howl. The background seems to be the wolves’ habitat of a dense forest under a setting sun, and you will find symbols including the Black Wolf, the Brown Wolf, the Wolf that is howling in front of the Full Moon, two fierce looking Totem Poles and the standard playing cards from nine through to the ace, and represent the lower value symbols. The sounds in the background are also pretty authentic.

Wild Wolf slot game has a wide range of coins values you can choose, which makes it a great option for both high rollers as well as players who watch their budgets.

The Wolf that is howling at the Full Moon is the Wild symbol, and as such can replace any other symbol to complete a winning combination, except for the Scatter. The Scatter is also the bonus symbol, and the one that unlocks the bonus rounds.

Some Innovative Features

IGT has provided Wild Wolf with some innovative features. The Autospin function allows players up to fifty automatic spins, which run at the speed of the regular spins, and have the same chances of landing winning combinations as you have with hands of online blackjack. They will come to an end when you run out of credits, or when the bonus rounds begin.


The Free Spins Bonus Feature

Three or more of the Scatter or Bonus symbols appearing on reels two, three or four will enter you into the Free Spins bonus round. First of all you will be awarded five free spins, and you can reactivate this round if you land another three or more of the Bonus symbols on the middle reels. Any wins you may make in the Free Spins round come with a multiplier of two on your initial stake. The reels spin on the same line bet and pay lines you activated during the original free spins round. Any additional free spins will be added to the remainder of your original free spins. This bonus round ends when there are no more free spins, or when you have reached the maximum allowed number of free spins.

Valuable Wolf Symbols

If you match three of a kind of the nine, ten, jack or queen playing card symbols in Wild Wolf you will win five credits, and four matching symbols will give you twenty-five credits. Five identical symbols will pay you one hundred credits, and five of the king or ace on an active pay line will award you with one hundred and fifty credits.  The two Totem Poles also will give you a good amount of credits, but the wolves are the most valuable symbols. The Black Wolf will give you five hundred credits if you find five on a pay line, and the Wolf howling at the Full Moon will award you a pretty good one thousand credits if you find five on the same line.

The Wild symbols in Wild Wolf are stacked on all reels, which means they could fill one or more entire reels, and provide you with plenty of winning opportunities. Wins are pretty regular in Wild Wolf, although the very big prizes can be a little less frequent.

Kings Treasure

Detailed Graphics In Novomatic Kings Treasure Online Slots Game

In the past, gaming developer Novomatic has concentrated more on gameplay and in-game features with less attention paid on graphics and aesthetics. This all changed with the release of its Kings Treasure online slot. This slot is an aesthetic triumph when it comes to graphic rich slots with the level of detail amazing every player who spins its reels. The symbols like the Holy Frail symbol and the king and queen icons boast the most intricate details, with every symbol adding to the overall theme.  Even the traditional card symbols are decorated like medieval scripture adding to the theme.

Modern Layout For Easy Gameplay

Supporting the beautiful graphics is Novomatic Kings Treasure slot’s layout, which follows the common layouts of other titles in the developer’s range. With 20 paylines, this video slot has five reels. Navigation throughout the game is also very easy, with simplistic game controls available.


Scatters And Free Spins

Like most Novomatic online slots, its Kings Treasure online slot features scatters in the form of the crown symbol. If a player gets three of these crowns on the reels then he or she will be awarded with 15 free spins. If a player gets four of these scatters on the reels then he or she will be awarded with 20 free spins and if five scatters appear on the reels at one time, 30 free spins are awarded.

What make this free spins round different on the Kings Treasure online slot to other free spins rounds on other slots is that the scatter symbol turns into the wild to replace other symbols for more wins. It even substitutes the king symbol which, in essence, means that two wild symbols are at play during the free spins round.

The king symbol is the wild feature in the game and can substitute any other symbol on the reels besides the scatter to make for great winning combinations. This is the most important feature to look out for if you’re looking to grab the awesome jackpot. If you’re lucky enough to get five kings on the reels then you’ll be in line for the jackpot. The jackpot is progressive which means that it will increase over time with every spin made by online players.

Other Symbols Defined

Before playing the its Kings Treasure online slot, it would be beneficial to review the paytable. The common royal card symbols like the 10, jack and queen are your lowest paying symbols but if you can get five of either one type of these on the symbols you will times your bet by 100. If you get five of the ace symbols on the reel, your bet will be multiplied by 150. Landing five of the castle symbols or the stunning golden goblet symbols on the reels at one time will mean your initial bet is multiplied by 300. Five prince or princess symbols landing on the reels at one time will get your bet multiplied by 1000.